Liz Truss wins Conservative Party leadership race in the UK to be the next Prime Minister

Liz Truss won the British Conservative internal ballot and will become Prime Minister tomorrow. Her victory over rival Rishi Sunak, however, turned out to be much closer than early polls expected – the closest conservative leadership election of this century, in fact. This may suggest that the abstract idea of ​​a young right-wing leader is more appealing to party members than the concrete reality of Liz Truss making headlines every day.

The government, of which she was a part and now leads, is unpopular, behind the Labor Party by 15 points in a new YouGov poll that also sees the Liberal Democrats at 11% and the Greens at 7%. But Truss still has the parliamentary majority won by Boris Johnson in 2019 and three years to turn things around before having to call a general election.