Liz Truss is expected to be the UK’s next prime minister after rival Sunak signaled support

The official results won’t arrive until Monday, but Liz Truss is almost certain to win the race to become the new leader of the British Conservative Party and the new Prime Minister of the country. Her rival, Rishi Sunak, reported to the BBC today that she believed she had lost and would support her rule.

Speaking with Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday, the former chancellor also said he would continue as a deputy if he did not become prime minister next week. However, he did not rule out running again to be the leader of the Conservative Party. The winner of the competition to replace Boris Johnson as leader is expected to be announced on Monday.

The vote took place among the party members. Under the UK parliamentary system, the largest party or coalition forms a government and there is no need to hold a general election when its leader is replaced. Some expect the truss to do so, however, as its policy proposals are unpopular with the British electorate at large and an early election would offer legitimacy to its government before it imposes them, if it manages to win one, that is.