Good Pixel Buds Pro are about to get better

Google is new Pixel Buds Pro only launched last month, but it has already been reported that Google is still trying to improve its best earbuds. If you can’t tell from Kellen’s review, linked just below, he really likes these buds. And once an upcoming update arrives, it will be a story of good things getting better.

According to 9to5Google which recently demolished the latest build of the Pixel Buds app, a new 5-band equalizer feature is directed to the earbuds, allowing users more control over the tones they can produce. Unlike a traditional band equalizer which is arranged horizontally, this 5 band equalizer is said to be vertical with sliders. Interesting. And if manually manipulating an EQ sound dulls you, there are obviously presets you can choose from.

  • equilibrium
  • Clarity
  • default
  • Heavy bass
  • Last saved
  • light bass
  • Voice boost

In addition to an equalizer, a new volume balance function is also shown. Just like in a car where you can use a slider to adjust which side of a car’s speaker system the most sound is coming from, this new volume balance feature will allow for the same. If you want more sound to come from the right bud, simply use a slider. The same goes for the left, of course.

Since the code is already inside the app, we could just wait for Google to take a switch on their side for these functions to appear in the Pixel Buds app. We will keep you updated if we hear or see anything.

// 9to5Google