Any strategic reading advice for a surviving candidate?

By a computer scientist (and self-styled “data nerd”) named Scott Grigg:

Bye! Longtime reader / listener here, looking for some quick reading list tips …

I submitted another application to be on CBS survived, the cunning, winning reality show, survives its fame. The game is physical as well as mental and includes a broad social aspect of relationships, building trust, evaluating motivation and building / destroying alliances with other competitors.

Do you have any reading tips that you think will help if you ever get cast for the show? So far, my short list of titles to consider rereading if I’m chosen for the show includes How to make friends and influence peopleportions of Wiseman’s 59 seconds (persuasion, motivation) and portions of Think like a monster (how to persuade people).

You can watch Scott’s audition tape here. Ok, what’s your reading tip for him?