Why Apple’s October event matters to businesses

As the dust settles on Apple’s iPhone 14 launch, get ready for the next big moment on the company’s calendar – the joint Mac and iPad introductions we now anticipate will take place in October. What do business leaders need to know?

What hardware is on the way?

Apple may introduce a new generation of MacBook Pro equipped with M2 Pro chips, although some sources warn these may not appear until 2023. It is believed highly likely that the company will introduce a new range of iPad Pro, likely equipped with a chip. M2, putting that machine on par with the Mac.

The decision to narrow the gap between Mac and iPad reflects how Apple’s tablet has grown to be a viable replacement for the PC for many businesses. Business users, for example, have become much more comfortable leaving their laptop at home to work with an iPad when on the go. The fact that the best iPads share the same processors as Macs underscores the complementary nature of both systems and is based on the growing popularity of the iPhone in the business world.

What is the appeal of the business?

For business users, the integration between Apple’s computers, tablets and mobile devices is a real draw. Apple’s move to create its own chips also allowed the company to create a unique proposition based on processor speed.

The strategy also offers Apple something it didn’t have before. When the company depended on others, Intel or even earlier IBM and Motorola, for processors, it was constrained by the limits of those manufacturers. Now that it has complete control of processor manufacturing, the company can optimize its systems to a level that competitors cannot easily match.

It’s great for Apple enthusiasts, but for corporate buyers it represents a clear and consistent strategy. The products work well together, and business users who are considering a move can see the depth of the company’s commitment to its platforms and a future road map for development. We already anticipate Apple will begin moving its platforms to 3nm chips starting in 2023, when the first M3 Macs (and presumably if tablets stay ahead), iPads appear.

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