What do professionals wear: what helmet do the Bosa brothers wear? | Vicis Zero2 trench

Nick Bosa in the Vicis Zero2 pit. photo via 49ers.com.

Nick and Joey Bosa both sported a new helmet in 2022: the Vicis Zero2 Trench. Nick first switched to the Vicis Zero2 trench during last season’s post-season following a concussion and has been wearing it ever since. I’d say it’s fair to assume Nick liked the helmet and told his older brother, Joey, to try it on during training camp and now he’s wearing it too. So far, the Vicis Zero2 Trench is very rare in the NFL, but with these pass-rusher wearing them, perhaps we’ll see an increase in usage over the next few years. Additionally, both Bosa brothers previously wore the Riddell Speedflex helmet.

Joey Bosa in the Vicis Zero2 trench. photo via chargers.com.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench is the first position-specific football helmet built for both the offensive and defensive line. To create the Zero2 Trench, Vicis took his hugely successful Vicis Zero2 and added a front outer pad. That extra front pad is built for the low-speed impact the linesman faces every single shot. This added protection gives the Bosa some extra cushioning when they collide against the offensive line.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench is optimized for low speed impacts and outperforms its competitors. photo via vicis.com.

Since the inside of this helmet is identical to the regular Zero2, it has the 4 layers of Vicis protection. First, the super flexible outer shell, the deformable outer shell. This shell responds similarly to a car bumper and flexes more than any other helmet available. Absorbs impact, protecting the head. The next level is the updated RFLX 2.0. RFLX, taken from Vicis 01, is the Vicis pillar system that folds to absorb impact and then returns to their place. For the Vicis 2.0, they slightly modified the struts to lighten the helmet while increasing strength. The next layer is the reinforced inner shell. The inner shell has been designed through data collected from hundreds of head shapes to optimize fit accuracy, maximize player comfort and accommodate a wider range of players. The final layer is the DLTA Fit System. These are their pad pods which are fully interchangeable ensuring every player can have a bespoke helmet.

These are the 4 layers of Vicis Zero2: Deformable Outer Shell, RFLX 2.0, Reinforced Inner Shell, DLTA Fit System. photo via vicis.com.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench is truly the safest helmet in football and turns out to be the No. 1 in both the NFLPA Annual Study and the VT Helmet Rating Scale. They might sound a little weird, but these really are the future of head protection in the NFL. I think we’ll see more and more linemen gravitate towards these lids, especially with the Bosa brothers’ seal of approval.

Also, if you want to get the Vicis Zero2 Trench for yourself, they start at $ 999.99.