Verizon’s Total is the newest prepaid brand, plans start at $ 30

Verizon is relaunching its prepaid offerings that you often find at large retailers, such as Target and Walmart. Now called “Total by Verizon” – formerly known as Total Wireless – the prepaid brand offers a new range of plans starting at $ 30 per month and ending at $ 60.

In Verizon’s announcement for Total’s launch, the carrier sells it as a prepaid offering with “some of the most compelling plan perks and benefits, including ultra-broadband 5G network coverage, generous hotspot allocations, conversations, Unlimited SMS and data and offers for Disney +. ” So what we have here is a range of decently priced prepaid plans with buckets of “generous” hotspots and the potential for free Disney + depending on the plan.

What are Total by Verizon plans? Here it is.

You have a good range of options here. If you don’t use a lot of data, you can get a plan for as little as $ 30. If you need all the data or 5G ultra broadband access, you can pay for that too. And yes, there’s Disney + free on the best plan to sweeten the deal.

The biggest selling point might be multi-line accounts. Verizon allows you to add additional lines to your account for just $ 35 per line. For example, if you choose the $ 60 plan, you can add another row or two or three in the $ 60 range for $ 35. So your bill could be $ 60 for line 1, so just $ 35 for the line 2, $ 35 for line 3, and so on, all with the same features and data as the $ 60 plan. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

How does Verizon’s Total compare to the other prepaid brand, Visible? The plans are very different. Visible is an online-only system, with no retail presence and a couple of unlimited plan options that cost $ 45. Visible is probably the best deal here, assuming you don’t need Disney +. But if you need a retail outlet, Total has you there, with access to Target, Walmart, and Dollar General.

Interested? The Total By Verizon site has more.