Trump claims he can declassify documents with his mind

Trump told Sean Hannity that he doesn’t need a process to declassify the documents. He can declassify them by thinking it.


Trump said, “You know, there are different people saying different things, but from what I understand, if you are the president of the United States, you can declassify things just by saying that it’s declassified, even thinking about it, because you’re sending it. in Mar-a-Lago or wherever you are sending it and there is no need for there to be a process. There may be a process. There must not be. “

There is no part of the Constitution that confers telepathic declassification powers on the executive branch.

Trump was making things up.

There is certainly a process and there should be an extensive paper trail for declassification of documents. A president cannot proclaim that the materials are declassified.

Donald Trump’s belief that he has unlimited powers to do anything matches his theory that there are no limits to executive authority.

Trump is trying to get the debate over whether or not the documents have been classified instead of the mismanagement of government documents, which is what he is being investigated for.

The failed former president had a nightmare day, and his idea of ​​being able to sort documents with his mind is a bizarre topper for a historic day.