Trump cannot win the New York fraud case against him

Renato Mariotti: “Trump, his son Eric and others have taken the Fifth hundreds of times and can expect James and his team to throw it back in their face to prove their case. All other evidence is only in support of confirmation. The testimony of Trump and his family – or his absence – is the centerpiece. “

“It’s never easy to fight your state attorney general when he really wants to hunt you down. But Trump is too large here because he is fighting a war on multiple fronts. He often represents people and companies facing criminal and civil liability in various forums. Fighting on several fronts is difficult and involves compromises ”.

“If I had been Trump’s attorney, I would have solved this case in his childhood. He delayed and dragged him away, just as he delayed and dragged numerous criminal investigations for years. Trump might think it benefits him politically to claim that James is part of the vast “witch hunt” (he has certainly raised good money from the recent investigation), but he will likely pay a legal price if he tries to drag him further. James hasn’t accepted a deal yet. He will eventually he will, and the price he pulls out will be a fool.

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