To save Ukraine, give us the tools and let’s finish the job • The Berkeley blog

Co-author with Dan Tavrov at UC Berkeley

On April 26, 2022, some 40 countries gathered at the US Air Force Base in Ramstein in Germany. The main objective of the meeting was to increase and coordinate the efforts of multinationals to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression. The events leading up to this result, and what is to follow, have aroused feelings of unease. The time has come for a Ukrainian voice to intervene to clarify the matter.

President Roosevelt signs the Lend-Lease bill.

On April 22, a group of German intellectuals called on the German government, EU countries and NATO to stop supplying arms to Ukrainian troops and to encourage the Kiev government to stop military resistance. On April 24, another group of intellectuals urged the German government and EU countries to “supply Ukraine […] heavy weapons and some offensives, such as larger anti-aircraft systems, suitable fighter jets, warships, military vehicles, etc. “They also condemned Germany for” shortsighted selfishness “.

In his recent interview, a famous linguist Noam Chomsky offered an expert opinion on geopolitics by saying that the only way to end the war, other than the defeat of Ukraine, is “a negotiated agreement”. According to him, the terms imposed on Ukraine by Russia are “to transform Ukraine into something similar to Mexico, [which is] a sovereign state that can choose its own path in the world, without limitations, but cannot join the military alliances led by China “.

Unfortunately for the creator of transformational-generative grammar, Russian supremacists don’t want to turn Ukraine into Mexico. They want to turn Ukraine into empty land. In our recent article, we mentioned the atrocities uncovered when the Ukrainian army liberated villages and towns near Kiev. To remind those intellectuals who understand Putin, “soldiers found mass graves, tortured bodies of innocent Ukrainians and civilians killed to death. style. ” This is not about NATO or any other alleged security issues (Hitler believed Jews created Communism as part of a conspiracy to destroy Germany; now Putin believes Ukraine is there to destroy Russia). It is about annihilating Ukraine and obliterating everything Ukrainian.

Fortunately, for every leftist linguist there is a leftist biologist like the famous evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins (who, by the way, introduced the concept of meme). in his Twitter account, continues to support Ukraine and condemn Russian war crimes. Recently, hey retweeted a piece in the New York Times, in which the author suggested “[supporting Ukraine] with the best weapons and training if they want to drive the Russian army out of every inch of their territory.

The most recent information missile was launched on April 27, when a former Kremlin consultant and the author of The Strongman: Vladimir Putin and the fight for Russia wrote in a respected media that “the area under Russian control […] it has grown to maybe five times bigger ”and that“ the important thing is to talk rather than fight ”. Clearly, she forgot that in 1939-1941 the area under German control had grown many times its original size, but the UK did not want to “talk”. Instead they asked for the © tools.

All this cheap talk creates the illusion that there is some offer of peace on the table. As the Financial Times reports, after the [Russian flagship cruiser] Moskva refused: “Putin was against signing anything. [ … A]after Moskva he doesn’t seem like a winner, because he was humiliating ”. Another infamous piece of propaganda in a Russian state-owned media claimed that “denazification [of Ukraine] it will inevitably be de-Ukrainization ”.

Obviously, these informational attacks from Russia through their corrupt supporters and “thought leaders” are expected to continue, and it is our firm belief that there is a party whose thoughts must be heard. At the end of March, 95% of Ukrainians believed that Ukraine would be able to repel Russia’s attack. As of April 6, 2022, 80% of Ukrainians said they feel proud of their country; 91% did not support the claim that “Russians and Ukrainians are one people”; and about 80% of the interviewees were involved in defending their country in one way or another (from fighting to volunteering). How come? For many people in Ukraine, no matter what language they speak, this is a war of national liberation, an opportunity to escape from the prison of the peoples (i.e. Russia), an opportunity to gain freedom.

Where does this leave us? In the words of a well-known Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov, there are only two ways to end a war: either one side loses or the other. All other options lead to postponed wars in the future. Something has to give. (Hint: Russia.)

We understand where the interests of the eyebrow pacifists stand (it would be much easier if Ukraine did not resist; look for our opinion on that perspective here). But the Ukrainians made a different choice. In 1918, the Ukrainian People’s Republic was recognized by a handful of Central and Eastern European countries, and no one protected it from being conquered by the Red Army. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, our interests are aligned with those of the United States and its partners around the world (the list of countries participating in the Ramstein Convention included Australia, Israel, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand , South Korea and Tunisia). This gives Ukraine a chance to defeat the aggressor and avoid other Bucha, deportation, Holodomor and the like. If Putin’s Russia doesn’t stop in Ukraine, the cancer of racism will spread and we may indeed face the prospect of World War III.

On September 30, 1938 Neville Chamberlain said: “My dear friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor.” He ended this impromptu speech by saying, “Go home and have a good, quiet sleep.” We would like to ask linguistic experts, former Kremlin advisors, “Schröders” and other songwriters to go home. We hope they sleep peacefully as Ukraine continues to fight for its independence.