The turning point of the fool

Mark Leibovich: “Donald Trump has a knack for making his busiest apologists look like perfect idiots, even if they aren’t perfect idiots, even though many of them are. This has been true for several years. But in recent weeks, Trump’s idiocy has become a significant midterm election issue for Republicans and a drag on some of the party’s most vulnerable Senate candidates. “

“If you are a candidate looking for a GOP nomination, Trump’s blessing can be a political miracle drug. But it has debilitating side effects. These go beyond the standard humiliations Trump inflicts on his employees (for example, Trump bragged at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday that JD Vance, who is running for the Senate there, was “in love” with him and “me. kissed my ass, he wants my support so badly. “) Assuming an acceptable Trumpian posture requires a certain self-lobotomy. In most states, it’s almost impossible to pass yourself off as a January 6 truthist who denies an election and still be caught up in the serious by the majority of voters. Yet many candidates who clearly know better are doing exactly that. “

“You might be a media brainchild, Ivy-bred like Vance or Dr. Mehmet Oz, and admit backstage that you don’t really believe the absurdity you’re spitting out. As a general rule, however, discerning swinging voters tend not to distinguish between fools and those who play them on TV. “

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