The legend of French cinema interviews Zelensky – media

Alain Delon will reportedly speak with the Ukrainian president on Friday

French film icon Alain Delon will join TV host Cyril Viguier to interview Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on September 23, French media reported.

The Ukrainian leader will speak with several French newspapers before his speech at the UN General Assembly. Viguier, a veteran journalist on TV5Monde, will lead the media crew in Kiev, while Viguier’s longtime acquaintance Delon will join them remotely from France, reportedly.

The 86-year-old actor made a rare public appearance earlier this week to express his support for Ukraine against Russia. Delon said in a taped interview on Viguier’s program on Monday that he was “Deeply saddened and moved” from the conflict and that it was “pugnacious” for the Ukrainian people.

He also recited a poem by 19th-century Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko, considered a key figure in Ukrainian statehood. Entitled “Testament”, the work is one of Shevchenko’s most famous. He expresses his desire to be buried in Ukraine and for his people to stand up, break their chains and sprinkle his freedom with the blood of his enemies.

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Delon suffered a stroke several years ago and is reportedly considering ending his life by euthanasia in Switzerland, where it is legal.