Priyanka Chopra and little Malti visit New York

PRIYANKA CHOPRA and her daughter, Malti Marie Jonas, have officially reached a milestone of the journey together. the quantum star recently gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly and took Malti, aged eight months, with her to the big city.

“Our first big trip,” the proud mom wrote in the caption on her Instagram. Above, Chopra posted two photos of her with little Malti. In the first photo, Chopra is seen sitting by a window sill with Malti – facing the camera – on her lap.

Malti is watching the street of the big city from the window as Chopra lovingly looks at her daughter. The second image shows a close-up of Chopra looking directly into the camera, while Malti continues to look out the window.

This post got fans talking because it’s the first time Chopra has posted a photo of her lovely baby girl this month. As many fans remember, Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas conceived little Malti through a surrogate.

Malti had spent his first 100 days of life in neonatal intensive care. So, on Mother’s Day, the couple couldn’t help but rejoice that they were able to take their baby girl home. At the time they said in a statement: “We can’t help but reflect on these past few months and the roller coaster we’ve been on, which we now know, many people have also experienced.

“After over 100 days in the NCU, our little girl is finally home.”

Since then, the two have become new parents.

According to an insider, they are a “very happy couple who thrive, have fun and continue to live their lives. They work hard, do business, host social events and take care of Malti.”

On the subject of Chopra’s speech at the UN, the UNICEF Ambassador spoke about the climate crisis and how global solidarity is fundamental to fight the issue.