No passage from martial law without justice, responsibility —Caritas PH

Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo of Kidapawan. (CBDC News)

The social action arm of the Catholic Church reacted to calls from two senators to “move forward” from the martial law atrocities during the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s father.

Caritas Philippines National Director Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo said forgetting human rights abuses and massive corruption during that time is not an option.

“They say we should move forward since it has been 50 years since the imposition of martial law, but we cannot move forward when there is no justice and accountability,” Bagaforo said.

The bishop also criticized “the efforts” to change the history of martial law “with the desire to erase the tragedies of the past”.

According to him, the documents show a model of “widespread social injustice” in favor of the family of Marcos Sr and their cronies.

Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Robin Padilla yesterday told the public to “move forward” from the martial law issue as the nation remembers the 50th year of its declaration today.

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National Caritas joins everyone in the appeal “never to let the strong powers control the narratives of the Filipino people”.

Bagaforo called on the public to stand up for the truth, fight disinformation and disinformation by supporting legitimate sources of information.

He urged people to continue demanding “accountability and transparency from government officials, especially those in higher positions of power”.