Memorable moments from Ultimate Kho Kho season 1

Memorable Moments We encountered some captivating and unexpected events in the inaugural season of Ultimate Kho Kho (UKK) that had audiences on the brink of their seats. We have seen records set and broken during this season. The Kho Kho exhibition at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Mahalunge, Pune was fantastic. The UKK’s inaugural season saw a number of memorable events.

Here are the top five memorable moments from UKK season one to look back on.

Durvesh Salunke’s first eight-point dream race.

In order for Mumbai Khiladis to have any chance of reaching the playoffs, he had to defeat the Rajasthan Warriors in Game 16 on 24 August. When the Batch 1 defenders took the carpet in the penultimate round, the Khiladis already had a 15-point lead. Gajanan Shengal, Avik Singha and Durvesh Salunke were the athletes of this lot. Memorable moments

Majahar Jamadar, the captain of the Rajasthan Warriors, ordered Gajanan to pack his bags in advance from this lot. Before Avik was defeated by a Suresh Sawant dive, he and Durvesh teamed up on a four-point Dream Run. To write history with UKK’s first eight-point Dream Run, Durvesh fired on all cylinders and added four more points to the Batch clock. In this legendary run, The Batch ran for 4:10 seconds. Memorable moments

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Majahar Jamadar sends two defenders at the same time

Odisha Juggernauts won the draw against the Rajasthan Warriors on 19 August and decided to take the defense. In their encounter with the first batch of Odisha’s Defenders, the Warriors interrupted a Dream Run. When Warriors captain Majahar Jamadar noticed that Batch 2 defenders Dilip Khandavi, Arjun Singh and Dipesh More were closing in, he took Powerplay.

After that Dream Run, Majahar wanted to increase the lead for his team and seemed motivated to take out the Defenders quickly. In a flash, after receiving a Kho from one of his team’s Wazirs, Nikhil B, he rocked Arjun Sing with a running touch and knocked out Dilip Khandavi with a flawless Sky Dive.

Odisha Juggernauts’ six consecutive wins

On August 15th, Odisha defeated Chennai Quick Guns to start their season. But the next day the Gujarat Giants defeated the Odisha Juggernauts.

When the Juggernauts gathered for the match against the Rajasthan Warriors on August 19th, they appeared full of energy. Before experimenting with their lineup and losing to Mumbai Khiladis on August 30, this champion team had amassed six straight wins and secured a spot in the Memorable Moments playoffs.

The Rajasthan Warriors claim victory after eight defeats

The Rajasthan Warriors team learned a lot during the inaugural UKK season. Their team was very talented and looked good at times. The group, however, was unable to gel as a whole. Majahar Jamadar, their captain, and Hrushikesh Murchavade were their only reliable players.

Before drawing their first and only blood against Chennai Quick Guns on August 30 in their penultimate game of the season, they lost eight games. The warriors and their supporters were very grateful for this victory as it gave them a chance to celebrate after a long wait for memorable moments.

Telugu Yoddhas’ 16-point dream race

The Telugu Yoddha were playing the Gujarat Giants in the eighth game of the competition. The Giants played with five players who had only participated in the second game while some of their major players rested, while two of their players were making their UKK debut.

In this game, the Yoddhas exploited their strengths and did not allow the Giants enough space to spread their wings. When they were on offense at the end of the first round, the Yoddha had a 37-0 lead in the match. As defenders of Batch 1 for them, Deepak Madhav, Pratik Waikar and Avdhut Patil made their way onto the mat. At 1:52 on the batch clock, Giants striker Sarat Kumar blocked Deepak Madhav.

Pratik and Avdhut’s defense team didn’t have time to look back. They continued to score Dream Runs until Dhiraj Bhave disqualified Pratik after he stood on the mat for 4:06 seconds. Before Dhiraj once again committed to taking him out with a Sky Dive, Avdhut was having fun racking up points. The lot lasted on the mat for 6:06 seconds, picking up a magnificent 16-point Dream Run and making UKK history.

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Yoddhas ruled the first two rounds.

With the help of three pole dips (each by one), a forward from Yoddhas inflicted an all-out on the first three defenders of the Rajasthan Warriors (1st Batch), one of the highest contact points. However, on the other hand, they failed to stop the warrior defender from finishing his dream run and helped their opponent score two points with this run. At the end of the first corner, the score was 24-2 in favor of Yoddhas’s team after a total of three Pole Dives and two Sky Dives were used to force an all-out on the three cohorts of the Rajasthan Warriors (a total of nine defenders).

Early in the round, Rajasthan played shrewdly on Yoddhas while he was in the offensive stance. While defending himself from the Warriors, Yoddha Rohan’s defender, wearing the number 13 jersey, managed to complete three Dream Runs in a single run, turning the game in their favor right at the end of the second corner. As the second corner was drawing to a close, Rajasthan were on the verge of equalizing, but Rohan’s valiant run cost them the point and Yoddha had a 30-20 lead.

Inflicting an all-out on all four lots (twelve forwards) in one turn is known as “chasing” and Yoddhas did it during an excellent offensive session, earning three extra points. By the end of the third corner, Yoddhas forwards had overtaken the Warriors 66-20 thanks to four Sky Dives, three Pole Dives and other points assisted by Yoddhas. The third corner was entirely dominated by Yoddha’s memorable moments.

The Yoddhas are guaranteed to win

The third round of the Yoddhas had already secured their victory, and the fourth round was simply played as a formality to allow the warriors to bridge the gap on them. Telugu actor Arun Gunki made his Dream Run this round, scoring two more points while defending his team. The Warriors were never able to even come close to closing the huge points differential and eventually Yoddha won 68-47.

“We adhered to our strategy, which was victory. The fact that we have been able to realize our ideas is because we have been practicing planning and fitness for the past 15 days and because we have some great veteran players giving us great advice.

The Yoddha will now play their next match tomorrow against their League opponent Chennai Quick Guns from the first game, where they easily defeated them.