Last period service ends December 27th after 6 years – News

Game launched in 2016, inspired by the 2018 TV anime

The official site of Happy elementsthe last period the game announced Wednesday that the service will end on December 27 after finishing the main story.

Happy elements launched the game in May 2016. The story takes place in a world where fantastic beasts called “Spirals” are born out of isolation. Those who can defeat the beasts are called “Periods”. Haru is a Period apprentice who belongs to the Arc End 8th Branch. However, after a mysterious theft incident, there is an economic collapse and the Arc End headquarters abandons the 8th Division, leaving only three bouts left, including Haru. Haru and the other two periods begin their work to rebuild the 8th Division.

The game inspired a television anime titled Last period: the journey towards the end of despair which debuted in April 2018. Crispy roll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan.

Source: Last Period game website via Otakomu