Introducing “Question of the Day”, a new Dubner podcast

One of the best things about being a reporter is being able to ask questions. Stefano Dubner it has been doing this for years, amassing fascinating bits of knowledge, hidden insights and wild stories. He now he knows at least a little ‘of many things.

Dubner has an equally curious friend who has also absorbed an enormous amount of information over the course of his eclectic career. James Altucher is an entrepreneur, investor and author. James also interviews the people who intrigue him, for him James Altucher show podcast.

Not long ago, Dubner and Altucher started a podcast together called Question of the day. It’s a continuation of the kind of frantic conversation these two intelligent and unconventional thinkers have had for years during their long friendship and long game of backgammon.

The topics are broad but never superficial, deep but never heavy. The episodes are short, usually under 15 minutes, and filled with useful information that is also fun. In a single episode, you may hear about it Anders Ericssonthe 10,000 hour rule, Steven SpielbergThe unique tip of a movie casting is why the key to a good game of golf is leg strength. All this from asking the question “What are the shortcuts to learn something fast?”

Can you imagine the twists and turns when they ask “What are the secrets to being nice?” “Should you let your kids win at chess?” or “What is the best possible future discovery or invention?”

It’s a safe bet that no other podcast will you hear references to the business experience of the sensational YouTube makeup artist Michelle Fanthe unlikely story of how a podcasting start-up called Odeo turned into Twitter and the writing habits of Stephen King.

We like to say it QOD it’s for people who are long on curiosity and short on time. We imagine anyone who is a fan of Freakonomics would fall into that category. So check it out Question of the day. You can subscribe to it on iTunes and listen to it on Earwolf, Soundcloud and Stitcher as well. And you can follow QOD On Twitter and Facebook.