In denouncing Russia’s war in Ukraine, German Chancellor calls for defending a rules-based global order – Global Issues

“There is no justification for Russia’s occupation war against Ukraine,” Scholz said addressing the Assembly’s annual high-level debate.

‘Imperialism, pure and simple’

“President Putin is waging this war with one goal: to conquer Ukraine. Self-determination, political independence do not matter to him. And there is only one word for it: this is imperialism, plain and simple. The return of imperialism is not only a disaster for Europe, but also for our global peaceful order.

“If we want this war to end, then we cannot be indifferent to how it ends. Putin will give up his war and his imperialist ambitions only if he realizes that he cannot win, “he continued.

“That is why we will not accept a peace dictated by Russia. This is why we will not accept pretentious referendums. And that is why Ukraine must be able to defend itself from the Russian invasion. “

Mr. Scholz said the world is witnessing new fragmentation, the emergence of new wars and conflicts, and the rise of severe global crises.

“Some saw this as a harbinger of a world without rules,” he noted. “Our problem is not the absence of rules. Our problem is the lack of will to respect them and to enforce them ”.

The alternative to a world based on rules is not anarchy, but the domination of the strong over the weak, he said, stressing that the international community cannot be indifferent to “whether the power or the power of the rules wins.”

“The international order does not happen alone. If we do nothing, then this Charter is just a piece of paper, he said, holding a copy of the founding document of the United Nations in his hand. “This Charter invites all of us to uphold its aims and principles”.

‘We support international orders’

The world “must not stand by and watch when a great nuclear power, armed to the teeth, a founding member of the United Nations and no less permanent member of the UN Security Council, seeks to shift borders through the use of violence”, .Scholz stated.

The Chancellor added that the war in Ukraine is leading to rising prices, energy shortages and famine. Germany supports Ukraine with food exports and will also support efforts to rebuild the country. In this regard, on 25 October in Berlin, an international conference of experts will examine how to manage the “herculean” task of reconstruction.

“Our message is this: we stand firmly on the side of those who are attacked; for the protection of the life and freedom of Ukrainians; and for the protection of our international order “.

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