Here’s how to get the best internet experience in your home

Understanding speed. When it comes to internet speeds, most internet users are likely to be familiar with “5G,” which represents the fifth and most current generation of mobile / cellular technology. 5G can be used to deliver high-speed Internet service to your home, using nearby cell towers to send a signal to your modem or router.

When it comes to 5G internet, however, certain factors, such as trees, buildings, and even windows, can actually limit the reliability and speed of users’ home internet connection by extending the distance the signal has to travel or blocking the signal altogether. . But with Cox’s reliable fiber-based broadband network and a few helpful tips for maximizing your home network, you may be able to hit internet speeds too. Faster than 5G providers.

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Learn about fiber-based networks. While a 5G cellular signal must travel from a mobile phone tower or mobile hub to reach your home internet modem, router, or gateway, fiber-based service uses ground cabling to provide a more stable internet connection with higher speeds.

Vendors like it cox they offer fiber Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) with availability reaching 99% of homes in their serviceable locations. Plus, Cox offers access to over 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots to make sure you’re covered wherever you’re roaming.

Young woman holding the phone while waiting on a city street at night
Young woman holding the phone while waiting on a city street at night

Look for ways to increase speed. Internet speed can be affected by several factors. The usual suspects are sending large files or using many devices at the same time, but the location of your router or modem can also affect your internet speed.

If your connection is lagging, look for solutions like resetting your equipment or testing an Ethernet cable. Also, make sure your devices and network are up to date with the latest security to protect you from speed-eating malware and viruses.

Adjusting the location of the router can also have a significant impact on Internet speed. You don’t want to place the router too close to walls with pipes, microwaves, large metal objects or even an aquarium, as either of them may interrupt the Wi-Fi signal.

The smartphone transmits the data
The smartphone transmits the data

Understand how fast your internet connection should be. If your internet usage is limited to light streaming and internet usage (email, some web browsing), you may only need around 25 Mbps.

If your family loves streaming, chatting, gaming and surfing the web, however, you may need a little more speed to keep everyone connected.

For example, with download speeds of 250 Mbps, you can download an entire album in just 6 seconds or an HD movie in just 60 seconds. This speed level supports 6-7 devices for gaming, streaming, virtual learning, and just about every other way your family uses the internet.

Cox takes the guesswork out of connectivity by providing you with a stable and reliable internet connection. Discover America’s fastest Internet download speeds here.

Based on Cox Gigablast download speeds of up to 1Gbps compared to average download speeds provided on a 5G connection. Individual results may vary.