Full pricing and Google Pixel 7 release details leaked ahead of launch – Geek review


Google shocked everyone with the price of its Pixel 6 smartphone last year, as it was a steal at $ 599. And while many were expecting a price hike with the highly anticipated Pixel 7 series, we have good news, as the losses suggest that prices will remain the same.

According to a new leak from ArtemR on TwitterGoogle’s impressive-looking Pixel 7 will remain a highly affordable phone that’s perfect for everyone, costing just $ 599. Google will offer the phone in Snow White, Obsidian Black, and the fun new Lemongrass colorway.

Artem says that while we already knew pre-orders would open on October 6th, Google plans to release both phones as soon as October 13th. However, the pre-order window is more likely to last around two weeks, with the Pixel 7 release date set for October 18th.

That’s not all, either. Its highly reliable source (which appears to be Target’s inventory system) further revealed the same impressive $ 899 price tag for the flagship Pixel 7 Pro. That makes Google’s high-end phone more affordable than the best of the competition from Samsung and Apple.

The leaks suggest that Google’s Pixel 7 Pro will be available in similar white, black, and nut green color options, with the same release date. Also, it looks like retailers like Target will have a few awesome discounts and gift card incentives to accompany the new phone.

Honestly, we expected Google to raise the prices of its phones this time around. Not just because it’s 2022 and everything is more expensive these days, but because they’re a lot cheaper than most of the competition.

Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case and Google’s all-new Pixel 7 series appears to be continuing the tradition of being great phones at affordable prices. We’ll find out for sure at its hardware launch event on October 6.

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