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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope readers will work together to mitigate the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more cheerleading, unlinked meme repeats; there are platforms for that. Low-value, unlinked pom pom-wavers will be summarily affected.

And for those new here, this is not a mere political request. We have written the site policies and those who comment have accepted those terms. To avoid having to resort to the nuclear option of closing comments completely until greater sanity prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greece bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 elections, we will be ruthless in moderating and inserting. blacklisted offenders.


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Can wolves bond with people like dogs do? Science

Fed President Powell: There is no painless way to do this, Sam Ro

The Fed raises rates by 0.75 points, signals a higher-than-expected Barron’s peak

FIRST: The Natural Rate of Inflation Brad DeLong, Grasping the Reality

The rise in the dollar causes problems for the WSJ global economies

How Wall Street took the FT music business by storm. Comments:

For those who arrived late:


Duke Energy is a major leaker of a gas that is 25,000 times more polluting than carbon dioxide, according to EPA NBC records. Sulfur hexafluoride.


Lead-contaminated Chicago tap water, analysis finds Gizmodo


How long COVID is for these 14 Vogue Teen people

The Koreas

The Floods in Seoul London Review of Books

The seeds of ignorance – Consequences of a booming NEJM betel nut economy. Read everything to the end.

Cursed Old Man

The crew of the wrecker:

European disunion

How bad will the German recession be? The mirror

Energy crisis: German Robert Habeck under pressure from Deutsche Welle

Germany’s largest gas importer, Uniper, is nationalized after huge Sky News losses

Hungarian premier says EU should lift sanctions on Russia to avoid recession – Independent reports

2022/2023 Winter Forecast – September Update: Seasonal cooling now begins in ENSO regions, and is expected to continue as we approach Winter Severe Weather Europe (DG). “Europe is expected to have warmer-than-average temperatures in most of the northern and central-eastern parts of the continent.” We will see.

New war not so cold

From “special military operation” to open warfare Gilbert Doctorow. Read today.

Zelensky excludes peace talks with Russia TASS but Ukrainian Zelenskiy sees chances of peace diminish Talks with Putin Reuters and the war in Ukraine: Zelensky calls for “just punishment” for Russia BBC

What does Putin’s “partial” mobilization mean for Russia? South China Morning Post

NATO prolongs Ukraine’s proxy war and global chaos Aaron Maté

* * *

Tic-tac: Putin’s escalation begins the countdown of the clock of Responsible Statecraft diplomacy. Sorry, that word again?

Could the war in Ukraine be stopped? The national interest

Americans put Europe first among global security concerns, they support NATO’s commitment to the stars and stripes. The atlantists won, didn’t they?

Lula maintains large lead over Bolsonaro ahead of elections in Brazil – Reuters poll

PBS and BBC team up to misinform about the Bolsonaro FAIR in Brazil

Biden administration

Remarks by President Biden before the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (transcript)

Biden supports Germany, Japan and India as permanent members of the reformed UNSC: Official White House Perspectives

Biden: abuses of Russian Ukraine “make your blood run cold” AP

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Senate ratifies pact to curb a broad category of potent NYT greenhouse gases


The appeals court allows the Justice Department to resume review of confidential records in the Trump The Hill case. “The appellate judges, in their view, also allowed a review by a special teacher appointed by a federal judge in Florida to continue at the same time.”

Our famous free press

The narrative matrix hides the truth about the world and about ourselves Caitlin Johnstone. Rather like this:

Book Review: “Dinners with Ruth” and with no semblance of journalistic standards, by Nina Totenberg Balls and Strikes. “Remember to bring an insulin injection for the molasses.” Have clean fun!

Nobody is really boiling chicken on NyQuil Garbage Day. So there is good news! Hence, 4chan v. tick tock

Big Brother is watching you watch

The US government’s new vast privatized censorship regime The Tablet

Revealed: US military purchased mass monitoring tool including internet browsing, email data check

health care

How hospital monopolies drive up the cost of Washington Monthly care

Zeitgeist watch

An ode to the QR code Raheem Kassam’s Substack. I hate QR codes because I hate standing in line as the cashier and customer flock to the phone pairing and sign up, so the customer has to enter a few digits (slowly and then all over again, of course) and then request a phone coupon. It takes four or five times as long as cash. This is important, because lines tend to be indoors, crowded, and in close contact, and as these digital idiots fiddle with their technology I share their air and risk infection.

Imperial collapse clock

“Please Help”: As the Vermont Guard tries to reform its “toxic” culture, a star soldier faces allegations of sexual misconduct VT Digger

The US fugitive known as “Fat Leonard” was arrested in Venezuela after weeks of escaping from NBC

Amazon closes, abandons plans for dozens of American Bloomberg warehouses

class warfare

What it’s like to work at Amazon during a heatwave in the Southern California Los Angeles Times

Shocked workers after ingredion brought 6 armed guards to the Iowa starting line of negotiations

Proposal 22 depresses wages and deepens inequalities for the California Workers’ National Stock Atlas. “Net earnings for California rideshare drivers are only $ 6.20 per hour.”

The Ideology of Innovation: Philanthropy and Racial Capitalism in Global Food Governance The Journal of Peasant Studies

Trouble in Heaven Literary Supplement Times. The deck: “Why is economic progress so little cause for celebration?” DeLong book review.

Reading Betty Friedan after the roe fell, men yell at me

Algorithms and the Future of Work Blog by NIOSH Science, CDC

The easiest ways to open a can without a LifeHacker can opener

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