BTS ARMY organizes a fundraiser for the Pambata Museum in honor of RM’s birthday │ GMA News Online

RM from BTS, whose real name is Kim Namjoon, turned 28 on September 12th.

To honor the group leader, main rapper and arts lover, BTS ARMY organized a donation campaign for the benefit of the Pambata Museum.

The project was born from an idea of ​​Joon Brides Philippines – “a close-knit group of Filipino ARMYs brought together by a shared admiration for BTS leader RM,” according to their Twitter – and the RM fan base.

The initiative is called Donate For Youth and aims to sponsor 100 children to participate in the reopening of the Pambata Museum, the country’s first immersive museum for children located on Roxas Boulevard.

“The song ‘For Youth’ is about BTS ‘gratitude to ARMY, whose support made their youth unforgettable. We help create special memories for 100 Filipino children by sponsoring their visit to the reopening of the Pambata Museum on September 25th! ” the group said.

According to the group’s post, they have already collected P20.391 on Monday. Their goal is to reach P45,000, with each ticket priced at P450. All proceeds will go to the museum.

The donation channels are published on the museum’s Twitter page and are open until 25 September.

In addition to leading the largest group in the world, RM is a patron of the arts. On his Instagram page, RM posts about his travels to museums, his favorite pieces and his personal collection.

RM is so immersed in the art world that the New York Times recently interviewed him about his love of art and the importance of defending South Korean artists.

According to a report from GMA Entertainment, RM also narrated an audio guide for selected pieces at an upcoming modern Korean exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

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