Bengals fans must be worried after the shocking 0-2 start

(Photo by Wesley Hitt / Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals, reigning AFC Conference champions, are in a difficult position this season.

After two games, the Bengals are a shocking 0-2.

While the team has time to turn things around, fans need to be concerned about the start of this season from their team.

So should Bengals fans hit the panic button or will they fix things before it gets worse?

The offensive line improvements did not help the Bengals

Last season, Bengal QB Joe Burrow was the most fired QB in the NFL.

However, this season is no different, he is the most sacked QB after two games.

Despite all the work the Bengals have done with their offensive line, they still fail to protect Burrow.

This is troubling, as these sacks can shorten the young star’s career.

If that happens, there is no doubt that fans will hit the panic button without their star QB.

Burrow, along with Joe Mixon and Ja’Marr Chase, is the soul of the Bengal offense.

Without him, the chemistry team he built this past season is lost.

However, Burrow himself has some issues that concern Bengals fans.

Burrow’s deepest problems come from the worst beginning of his career

The start of 2022 saw the young QB make the worst game of his career.

However, there is a deeper concern over his four interception games against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first week.

With the Bengals QB having a nasty habit of throwing picks without being pressured, that’s something he needs to fix.

It shows that the offensive line is not the only problem with the Bengals.

Even when he gives him protection, he makes mistakes.

These mistakes can easily cost the Bengals games, which they cannot afford with a 0-2 record.

However, Burrow protected the ball during Sunday’s Bengals defeat to the Dallas Cowboys.

So there is some hope that he can clean up the mistakes he made during his career.

But something he has done recently can help him focus on football and improve this season.

Burrow deletes his social media accounts to focus on football

With Bengals fans angry, there are a lot of negative comments on social media during the Bengals 2022 season.

However, Burrow does not see any of these comments, as he has deleted his social media accounts.

While the move can help him, it will take some time to see how this will change his playing ability.

With him focusing on football, it allows him to study the mistakes everyone else sees when studying his game movie.

But if he had done it earlier, perhaps the Bengals could have won the Super Bowl last season.

However, doing so now can give fans hope that things can improve in Cincinnati.

While some fans may want him online so they can tag him in their rant, his drifting away allows him to focus on what’s important.

With this move, things could improve for the Bengals in 2022.

So hitting the panic button after two weeks is not a wise move.

However, if Burrow continues its downward spiral, fans should start worrying about their team.