Award-winning poet who launches a collection of poems on research and reflections

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Award-winning poet and professor at De La Salle University, Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles is launching his book on his research and reflections on prostitution – Mujeres Publicas, published independently by Balangay Productions at the Kwago book bar in Warehouse Eight on June 28, from 19 to 20. He and his editor and publisher Ronald Verzo will give a short talk on the process of making the book on the same night.

Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles’ works and interests include books, conceptual writing, translation, film and video, installations, found objects and text-based experimentation. His erasing projects continue to explore and expand the concepts of time and memory, language and loss, identity and anonymity, sex and intimacy, among others.

Ayer Arguelles will launch a collection of poems about her research and reflections on prostitution at the Kwago Book Bar on June 28

Winner of numerous national awards such as the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and the Maningning Miclat Poetry Award and scholarships from the UP National Writers’ Workshop and the Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center National Workshop on Art and Cultural Criticism, Arguelles is the author of 19 books by and on poetry, and a co-editor of hal., a newly written Filipino newspaper. Twice finalist for the National Book Award, he works as a book editor and translator and teaches literature and creative writing at De La Salle University in Manila

where he also earned his doctorate in literature. Her most recent books are Walang Halong Biro (DLSU Publishing House, 2018) and Mujeres Publicas (Balangay Productions, 2019).

“The whole book is composed of short monologues, with the character of a prostitute based on fictional characters such as Nana from Vivre sa vie by Jean Luc Godard and Jenine / Alberta Muñoz from Melancholia by Lav Diaz and also based on tales about the life of real people who worked as a prostitute such as Sien Hoornik (Clasina Maria Hoornik – van Gogh’s partner) and the Japanese Sada Abe who was famous / infamous for killing her partner and cutting his penis. Her life was also the basis of the controversial film In the realm of the senses, shot in 1976 by Oshima, “shared the author.

The book is part of a Talik trilogy, a series in which Arguelles examines the body, intimacy, relationships and sex.TALIK TRILOGY SET (Talik, Antares, Mujeres Publicas) will be available at a discounted price of Php850 on June 28. 2019, 19:00 at Kwago Book Bar, Makati, on the occasion of the launch of Mujeres Publicas, the third and last installation of the series. LIMITED COPIES. Each book is sold for Php300. All books published by Balangay Productions. Covers, interior illustrations and general design by Kay Aranzanso.

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