AR based store reruns: low 1

Lowe’s is rolling out interactive digital replication of its stores within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise. This feature will allow employees to view store data by accessing digital templates from a desktop computer. Also, using “AR X-ray Vision”, store employees will be able to view items on the highest shelves instead of climbing a ladder to manually check. By using the Magic Leap 2 augmented reality headset, Lowe intends to enhance their in-store experience to provide consumers with a service unlike any other.

Lowe’s is also planning to integrate photorealistic 3D product assets so they can access Lowe’s Open Builder library in the new Omniverse update.

“Through emerging technology, we are always imagining and testing ways to improve store operations and remove friction for our customers,” said Lowe’s Seemantini Godbole.

Image credit: Lowes