3,220 new cases identified in SA in the last 24 hours

South Africa recorded another 3,220 COVID-19 infections.

This brings the total number of laboratory confirmed cases to over 3,929,872.

the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) reported 2 deaths from Covid in the past 24 hours but warned that due to an ongoing audit by the Department of Health there may be a backlog in reported cases.

Therefore, the total death toll is 100,933

So far, over 3,768,950 people have recovered from the virus.

On the vaccine front, over 35.7 million doses have been administered.

Meanwhile, in light of the approaching winter months combined with the recent repeal of the national disaster law, South Africans have been anxiously witnessing an increase in Covid infections.

The latest data also show an increase in hospital admissions in both the public and private sectors, albeit far below previous peaks. The percentage of patients requiring ICU admission is also lower, as are deaths.

This shows that most of the cases identified were mild or accidental (in other words they tested positive when they were hospitalized for something else). A similar pattern was observed with the fourth wave which was short-lived in December 2021 / January 2022.

The fourth wave of Covid-19 infections in South Africa was dominated by the Omicron variant, which was labeled a “disturbing variant” by the World Health Organization after being reported by South African scientists.

The concern for the Omicron variant was its increased transmissibility, leading to a rapid increase in cases and high test positivity rates. It became clear that the clinical presentation of this variant was quite different from its predecessors.

He had a reduced severity of the disease. And more coincidental diagnoses among patients who come to hospital for other reasons.

The current increase in infection is associated with the sublines BA .4 and BA.5 of the Omicron variant. It may be the first few days, but they appear to have similar clinical manifestations.

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