Trump may have more confidential documents in his possession, prosecutors say

US prosecutors suggest Donald Trump may have more confidential documents in his possession, Reuters reports.

That revelation came in a Justice Department court asking United States District Judge Aileen Cannon to continue examining about 100 confidential documents seized by the FBI at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate while investigating whether the confidential documents were been illegally removed from the White House and improperly stored there.

The implication: Loot didn’t get everything the White House is missing, so there’s probably more floating around the Trump compound in Florida or in a desk drawer at a golf course in Jersey or whatever.

This is from the Justice Department’s response to Judge Cannon’s ruling, after he appointed a special master to review the FBI raid loot and prevented the government from accessing confidential documents taken by Trump. The Department of Justice’s careful personalization of its appeal has been praised by experts for avoiding tangling in the delaying tactic of the “special master”, while in the meantime it has forced the question of whether the government can access the tagged documents.