Long live the LG Rollable

In the early part of 2021, there was quite a bit of excitement going on LG and the potential for a “rollable” phone. It was also shown during CES, but due to LG’s shutdown of its mobile business, it was never made and we thought we saw the latest. That is, until this week, when a South Korean-based YouTuber opened the box and showed it around!

In the video below, BullsLab he literally opens the box of the rollable, shows the software, and of course shows the roll functionality. While the screen literally wraps around itself, the hardware does more than one slide out, which is actually pretty smooth.

This is a nice video, but if you’re hoping for LG to come back, don’t count on it. This phone isn’t happening no matter how good it looks.

The rollable action starts at 3:10 am. Quite elegant!