Former US Attorney: Trump’s showdown has begun

Former US Attorney Harry Litman said the New York lawsuit hits the heart of the Trump brand and shows his day of reckoning has begun.

Litman video on Deadline: White House:

Litman said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Hence, many people are clamoring that Trump is the person wearing an orange jumpsuit. It may or may never happen, even if it is doomed, but to the extent that the Trump brand has been, you know, equated to him as he intended, this is an absolute cannon shot against the Trump brand and I think it is essentially indefensible. from them.

Yes, there are some difficulties burden of proof, and the like, but I don’t see how you bring this case to a jury, just listen to what he said at the beginning of this segment here, a jury would hate it, put the least burden beyond that of the test and wildly inflated ratings.

This is truly an existential threat to what is second only to his individual, and this is the Trump brand. Now, in the past and in history. This is – I would say the future is now, so to speak. I think everyone is waiting for things to be done, given the kind of deadly threat this poses to the brand itself, we are now in the period where the showdown has begun.

The New York AG civil suit could turn into a criminal suit, but the civil suit itself is a big deal for Trumps because it has the potential to destroy the Trump brand and cut off family access to money. Trump is not rich because he has a lot of money in the bank.

Trump’s business model is based on loans and real estate valuations. If New York prevents Trump from obtaining a loan from any bank registered in the state, that disrupts his cash flow. If Trump’s real estate is suddenly valued correctly, his wealth comes out the door.

The showdown for Donald Trump may not be prison, but total destruction of the brand he has built and financial ruin.