According to the survey, six out of 10 workers want to leave the 40-hour workweek

According to a survey of 3,500 employees in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, workers want their productivity measured by the results they get, not how many hours they log during the work week.

The survey conducted by business software and service provider Adaptavis found that 58% of workers want to eliminate the 40-hour workweek and nearly helped (47%) believe that the best flexible work option would be a four-day workweek. Nearly a third (28%) also said their employer already offers a four-day workweek option.

“They also believe that the definition of productivity needs to change,” said the survey authors. “Nearly 60% think that the focus should be on the quality of work versus the number of hours recorded, another indicator that the workplace must continue to evolve.”

The research aims to provide insight into how workers are shaping and adapting to their new workplaces. The survey probed views on issues including hybrid working life and office working life; productivity, collaboration and isolation; communication tools; health and wellness; and the future of work.

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The results reflect “the changing dynamics between employees and management, as well as an ongoing change in attitude towards traditional workplace constructs”. While workers are returning to the office in slightly more numbers, hybrid and remote work settings are here to stay, more than a research organization echoed.

Last year, Gartner predicted that 31% of all workers worldwide would be remote (hybrid and completely remote) in 2022. But the most recent Adaptavis survey found that 43% work in hybrid mode or completely. remotely, with even more people wanting more say in where they work (59%), the structure of their work week and how their productivity is measured.

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