Mob Psycho 100 III World Premiere – Crunchyroll Expo 2022

Fans clamored into the Crunchyroll Stage room to get an exclusive look at the first two episodes of the upcoming season of Mob Psycho 100. The third season of the series, best known for its perfect blend of emotional seriousness, comedy and stunning animation sequences, brought audiences back to Seasoning City, where a giant broccoli is now a fixture in everyday life. However, Mob’s concerns are far more mundane as he tries to grapple with closing the book on his middle school life.

The main selling point of the story has always been to give Mob’s teenage struggles a level playing field with its wacky supernatural elements and that has been handled well in this opening. The Spirits and Such Consultation Office trio visits a man who believes he is cursed because his life is in chaos (due to his inability to take responsibility for his actions). The encounter affects both Mob and newly hired Katsuya Serizawa, who both feel adrift despite being in different stages of life. Mob doesn’t know what to put into his career form, a common but somewhat ridiculous tradition where middle school students should list their planned career paths. Serizawa is only 30 years old and realizes that she has not achieved what she thought she owed by now.

The second episode introduces the classic school festival subplot and Mob, along with three other classmates, is tasked with creating the costumes for the haunted house. His compatriots are content to simply call, but Mob has the nagging feeling that facing challenges this way is wrong. A newly introduced character, Haruaki Amakusa, a trust fund child who has started hunting yokai, hires the team to clean up a building containing the yokai infestation and the supernatural army chief. As you might suspect, the experience serves as inspiration for Mob’s costume dilemma.

The season’s storyline is expected to start in earnest starting with episode three, but there are plenty of hints dropped into these first two entries. For anime-only viewers who are going this blind, it looks like Dimple is plotting something less than salty involving giant broccoli. The season trailer also threw some bread crumbs for a cult related to the huge vegetable that is likely to pose a threat in the future.

If anyone was worried that directing would change from Yuzuru Tachikawa to Takahiro Hasui it could mean some sort of stylistic or quality change, let me reassure you this is still the Mob Psycho 100 you came to worship. Tachikawa did not leave production, instead assuming the role of chief director. The fantastic supernatural battles are still here in full force and the oil painting on glass of images of Miyo Sato I’m also here to highlight emotionally intense moments and as the final sequence of the third season.

October anime season is extremely stacked and while many of us (myself included) are eagerly awaiting The man with the chainsawyou won’t want to get lost Mob Psycho 100 III, or. Three cheers for our best psychic boy and his nerdy dad.