Carol Roth requests more from WH after Biden’s new brag about how much she is saving drivers on gasoline –

When the price of gas was rising rapidly, the White House called it “Putin’s price hike” while also blaming the greed of Big Oil and other scapegoats. Now the crowd of “presidents can’t do anything about the price of gasoline” is back to take credit for a drop in prices and brag about how much money drivers have “saved”.

Here is the latest news from whoever manages the @POTUS account:

Carol Roth would like the White House to put it in a larger context just to prevent people from feeling so pitifully indulged:

“Making things a lot worse and then bragging when they improve slightly” seems to be this administration’s preferred approach.

It seems to be how we should believe it works.

As they say, you can fool people about a lot of things but not about how much money they have.



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