A cycle has changed within Russia

To my total shock, I know of a family who fled Poland to flee Russia and went to Canada. So they fled Canada because of all of Trudeau’s madness and refused to return. As their visa for America is expiring, they told me they could go to Russia now. I was completely blown away. They said Western culture is pushing them to go back from pronouns to erase anyone who ever said anything, even 25 years ago, and total madness in politics. What they once escaped from is still so much better than what is happening here.

Every person I know here in America who fled Russia when the USSR collapsed says the same thing. What they escaped from is here now. Putin came out and warned him week it is what destroyed Russia. His popularity in Russia is twice that of Biden because he has brought Russia back to traditional values. Using the wrong pronoun is now offensive. I remember going to the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and seeing Don Rickels live in the 1970s. There wasn’t a single race or ethnic group he didn’t joke about. There was a time when we could once laugh at ourselves. Those days are gone.

There is a cycle for everything. The cultural shift in Russia actually gives hope that we too will lift these week restrictions, and I won’t be offended if you say “Hey, you!” Civilization is when everyone comes together for mutual benefit. Weekeness is all about division. When you ask an American what you are, he will typically answer half German and half Irish or whatever their mix is. This shows that America was the melting pot in which all merged into one, while in Europe it is not seen except on rare occasions. This is what is being torn apart by the wakefulness, and we will see oppression and civil unrest that could also lead to civil war because of it.

When I was growing up there were only straight, gay and bisexuals. Today I was told there are 70 distinctions. I have no idea, but it no longer makes everyone look the same. Suddenly you have to stand for yourself and be afraid to turn to someone to be accused of racism or sexism or whatever new term they come up with. We were all Americans once. I hired Robert Howe who was probably the first black analyst because he was qualified. Today you are receiving requests from the state asking to know how many minorities and women you have on your staff. We have every race and gender on our staff, as well as religion. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I never hire people because of the quotas.

It is not a question of patriotism, and it is not wrong for that family to suddenly say that they are returning to Russia because of political propaganda. The traditional values ​​that once held American culture as a beacon of light in a dark world have been overturned. The public forum, where once the people discussed differences and promulgated their own laws and elected their own representatives, has sometimes been fenced off to protect them from the people, and the chamber that shone for the world as an example of freedom has been reduced to one of hatred and was exploited by foreign agendas by seeing a Great Reset. The public and private institutions that were founded for eternity lie naked and destroyed by a partisan politics indistinguishable from the ruins of ancient Greece. Those beautiful relics of the past are all that has survived the wounds of time and the madness of men.

Today is a sad affirmation of our times. Our leaders not only preach war, but also try to divide our nation by turning brother against brother until our civilization no longer exists. The Democrats have used every distinction to separate and divide us as they seek 5 years of imprisonment for those who only entered the Capitol and took a selfie all to paint their opposition with hatred.

The possession of wealth today only stimulates the hatred of others and every rigid traditional virtue of centuries now offends and deserves censorship. Voting irregularities are wiped out and those who try to investigate are targeted as conspiracy theorists. Those who oppose are always assured of the aversion of the powerful who seek any excuse to imprison them until their death.

Suspicion has simply become the equivalent of evidence, and any trial is a mere claim to conviction. They want the execution of Donald Trump and paint that 50% of the people are worthless scum, unworthy of a place in their sacred hall of dictatorial power. Once they have tasted supreme power, they have become incapable of mercy or remorse no less than respect for human rights, freedom and justice for all. Those words have become just propaganda as their meaning is crumbled on the foundations they once were the foundation of the American dream. Our higher standard of living has been cast aside as racist terminology or some other terminology made with an endless redefinition of the English language.

As I stated at conferences, Schwab will fail in his quest to take over the world with his unoriginal theories. The very cornerstone of civilization of bringing people together because it is mutually beneficial for all has been shattered. The temple of freedom and dignity has fallen. These power-hungry people separate and divide us while even turning families against each other. They vary from the above, but they cannot see differently from Karl Marx who thought he could redesign society. The rise and fall of political states, Schwab believes, can be prevented if people give up everything that makes life worthwhile. Schwab and his co-conspirator at the World Economic Forum seek to turn our societies into fascist members of the state, all preaching Schwab’s stakeholder economics and suppressing human rights because at the heart of it all, there is no right. divine because there is nothing divine about them. The future is theirs alone to shape, nobody else’s.

The world rebuilt by so many after World War II is deliberately collapsing. It must appear darker and darker before a storm and the new light of day to come. We cannot save today’s institutions. We have to plan what will come after this house cleaning that we have to deal with. Academics like Klaus Schwab have always represented the greatest threat to societies. Just as Putin said Lenin was only a Bolshevik and not a statesman, someone in the future will remember Klaus Schwab with the same derogatory comments. Posterity will remember his name as Marx, Hitler and Stalin remember. Napoleon tried to conquer Europe, but he had no plans to change human nature.

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