Episode 5 – The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Another strong episode of Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting. This leans more to the elements of the slice of life in the early parts, but offers strong character development by the end of its runtime.

The best aspects here are how Kirishima and Yaeka’s time is used to show how much they have grown. Yaeka’s time with Kei – the film selection and Kei being invested specifically on the pieces – offers some good laughs. But the most fascinating thing is how Yaeka lights up at the mention of Kirishima and how he emphasizes how important their connection is. Kirishima has become something of a “moving father” as she has been able to fulfill many of the standard roles and expectations that her real father is unable or unwilling to fulfill.

Kirishima’s meeting with her old school friend is also a great time, as it provides insight into how much Kirishima has changed – and ultimately benefited from – her time with Yaeka. Her body language is different, her demeanor has changed and she actually seems to have a level of contentment that she didn’t have before her. The purpose will do it to a person.

And of course the restaurant scene provides exactly the food the public wants, playing the romantic version of organized crime that always has a deep appeal in its own way. Sure, the Sakuragi family is a criminal organization that operates outside of social norms, but they have a heart of gold and operate according to a certain code of ethics that distinguishes them from “simple” criminals. The way they protect the restaurant without taking anything off the top exemplifies that, and the arrival of this more ruthless new group not only shows it to us, but gives Kirishima a chance to walk in and flex his muscles. Some of his edges have disappeared, but he is still a demon after all.

I can’t wait to hear more next week from this delightful show.


Grant is the co-host of the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and the Super Senpai podcast.

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