Google TV Secret Free Live TV Channels Revealed

Do you want to hear something interesting on this beautiful Friday? Your Google TV may soon get free live TV. Yes seriously.

Google has apparently been integrating live TV into the Google TV platform for some time now, but only recently has there been evidence to suggest it may be around the corner. Evidence also reveals that Google plans to start with 50 channels, none of which you will have to pay for.

The report comes from a look inside the code of a recently updated Android TV launcher app from 9to5Googlewho found the complete list of Google TV channels and promotional text to inform users of the new giveaway.

If Google launches soon, you may see a message “Enjoy 50 channels of live TV without the need to subscribe, register or download”. The most important parts surround that section on “you don’t need to sign up, register or download”. The idea is that Google TV will feature these free channels, probably with the “Live” tab in the Google TV UI. This is currently where your YouTube TV, Pluto TV or Philo subscriptions live, assuming you are a subscriber.

As for Google TV’s 50 channels, the full list is available below.

List of free live Google TV channels

ABC News live
Test American cuisine
American classics
The madhouse
Low battery
CBC News
Chive TV
Bargain or not to treat
Divorce Court
Dry bar comedy
Failure of the army
Free filmrise
Feature films and more
It’s Showtime at the Apollo!
LOL by Kevin Hart! Net
Love nature
Nonconformist black cinema
Vision of nature
NBC NewsNow
Newsmax TV
The collective of pets
Power Country
Today all day
Toon glasses
USA Today
World Poker Tour
Wu Tang TV collection
Xumo Crime TV
Xumo movie
Xumo western

Confused at this idea? This is nothing new to the world of TV. In fact, Samsung offers Samsung TV Plus for free to its smart TV owners, with a list of over 200 channels. The content is all free to display with ads, and it’s more than likely a similar bidding style that Google will do here.

This feature hasn’t been announced by Google yet, but it looks like we’re getting closer.