No matter the draw, enjoy Darwin Núñez’s first EPL goal for Liverpool

Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez
photo: Getty Images

It took Darwin Núñez 13 minutes to score his first Premier League goal, but it came in the 64th minute as he was inducted as a £ 85m super sub during a whirlwind match at Craven College that saw Liverpool and newly promoted Fulham. finish in a 2-2. This is the first game of the season, so Reds fans can find solace in that – or, you know, repeat “It’s early” until the words lose meaning and seem incorrect.

However, this is not an overreaction post or a dismantling of Jurgen Klopp’s decision to treat the match as if it were a mid-season, midweek match that could only be won by showing up. Instead, we simply admire Núñez opening his LFC and EPL account in the most cheeky way.

Darwin Nuñez scored Liverpool's first goal in the new EPL campaign

Darwin Nuñez scored Liverpool’s first goal in the new EPL campaign
photo: Getty Images

I don’t care about the tiny deviations the ball took to land on the heel of the Uruguayan’s right boot before being cleverly thrown in. That piece of skill is disgusting in so many ways. The man is a professional scorer. The only thing dirtier than his debut goal in West London on Saturday morning was Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrović.

Serbian big boy Trent Alexander-Arnold for the opening score of the game, a header on a circular cross, and then drew a penalty in the second half in the area that earned him a chance from the spot, who passed Allison to take a advantage for 2-1.

Here’s his first goal because when you’re in charge of where your team took second place at last year’s EPL and Champions League, you deserve flowers.

Mo Salah was able to equalize minutes later, taking his first-game streak to six. Aside from a Jordan Henderson Hail Mary hitting the top of the frame, Liverpool did not threaten again as the home side were content to play and earn a well deserved draw.

After the game, Klopp gave a torturous answer for leaving his expensive new toy out of the starting 11.

If the parallels between this week’s Community Shield victory over Man City and the subsequent brainfart against a lesser opponent weren’t so spot on compared to last season, I wouldn’t point them out. The Reds take down the relentless machine for an unimportant trophy and then take their eyes off the ball just enough to get hit in the face with it.

The EPL game came to a point a season ago and Liverpool will likely be in the all too familiar position of watching Man City in the standings after Sunday, but it’s neither here nor there. It’s early, it’s early, it’s early.