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Renowned interior designer Luis “Cocoy” Cordoba celebrated his epic 66th birthday at the Cove Bar, Okada Manila Hotel.

With his penchant for being flamboyant and dramatic, Cocoy wanted an ultra-spectacular party with continuous arousal that would stimulate all the senses by bringing his concept of “wickedly wild party” to the fore. To keep and end the excitement in a crescendo, a grand prize was awarded to the one with the sexiest and most skimpy attire, Anj Manalo. Although I, being one of the judges, feel that all of them dressed in a sexy way were winners.

As an interior designer, Cocoy is always known for being theatrical. With his intention of creating a fun and exciting effect, he tasked the event organizers, Alexis Valisno and Michaela Pfieffer with hiring ledge poles and elite air dancers, body-painted eye beauty servers for the naked male and female lying on a ledge topped with several varieties of sushi where guests enjoyed taking their share. She hired Alexis to design mask images that will be projected on the walls and the lighting of the BlissLights DJ. She BlissGlow Multicolor LED strip and confetti falling from the ceiling.

King of Lights and Sounds, Wopsy Zamora helped Cocoy get US-based DJ Mike Yabut and DJ Rocky Enciso who coincidentally were both in town. Cocoy wanted disco music, a genre of rhythmic dance music that reached the pinnacle of popularity in the 1970s.

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Most of Cocoy’s guests who came from that era thronged the dance floor and the music continued with the post-disco electronic beats that compelled many into the wee hours of the morning. Kudos to Okada for the abundance of cocktails and overflowing wines and spirits with Cocoy unaware of the hefty bill that came after. As the free spirit Cocoy would say, live life to the fullest because you don’t know when your time is up. The mystical and super glitzy Cocoy party was attended by over 300 celebrities, top executives from the government and business sector, beautiful people arrived all dressed in formal black while others sparsely also dressed in black. The masks were given when entering the venue wow!

The next day, Cocoy invited his friends who couldn’t come on the first day. She also invited this time a millennial group of basketball players and children of her friends. Young at heart and generous, Cocoy enjoyed dancing with them until 1am. Anyway, how can the disco generation match their stamina. It’s just Cocoy!

Day two saw ledge dancers and iconic ’80s DJ Jon Tupaz. The drinks were overflowing as on the first day n had a buffet dinner set for 200 people to satisfy the appetite of his young guests. To sum it up, the second day party was a fabulous and fun night. The guests were overwhelmed by the joy of what they experienced. Millennials loved Cocoy and constantly thanked him.

The two fabulous birthday parties for two consecutive days, conceptualized by Cocoy himself, will long be remembered as the party to beat, taking the bar to dizzying heights! Definitely a difficult act to follow.

Happy birthday my dear Cocoy! May God bless you with good health, more success and a long full life.


Meanwhile, it took six days of continuing birthday party for Celine Saldana Bautista, married to Noel Bautista with three married children and seven grandchildren. Celine is a civic-minded entrepreneur and president of CNM Properties & Holdings, Inc.

Its activities are construction, real estate development, waste management and fund management. She graduated from High School & College in the Convent of the Assumption. She finished her Masters degree at (AIM) Asian Institute of Management. On the civic side, she is the Founding President of the Zonta Club of Metro Rizal, Past President of the Parish of Belair St Andrew, St John the Beloved, a member of Friends of Cultural Concerns of the Philippines. Celine’s pet project is the lugao newspaper dispenses 10 churches.

Celine celebrated her 73rd birthday for six consecutive days in her newly remodeled, modern, resort-like home in Belair. It was served daily from the central table with lechon. Celine has many birthday groups: the celebration of the first day on July 17 was with her family, her husband Noel with three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren. The second day of celebration, July 18, was with the “Fantastic 4” and biblical groups. The Fantastic 4 was born from four groups, Lakwachera, Rampachera, Las Divas and Lagos (women always go out). Celine organizes three lunches a month in newly opened restaurants. The biblical group is every Monday under the leadership of Sister Noni Roa. It relates and connects current events with the end times.

The celebration of the third day on July 19, on the other hand, was with members of the parish of Belair St. Andrew, St. John the Beloved, while the celebration of the fourth day on July 20 was with members of the Zonta Club of Metro Rizal.

On the 5th he was with some classmates and sisters of the Assumption. Finally, on July 22, you were a relative of Saldana and Bautista, of the Venture 7 group, of the Guapas group and of some close friends.

Celine enjoyed this type of celebration rather than a large party because she is able to talk to all of her guests.

To Celine wishing you good health and long life for other celebrations. Happy birthday!