Chelsea gave a huge boost to Frenkie de Jong’s transfer as Man Utd dealt a blow to the Barcelona star

Harry Redknapp, former Tottenham manager, revealed that Frenkie de Jong prefers playing for Chelsea at Manchester United and that he knows “for sure”.

Both English contestants are competing to convince the 25-year-old midfielder of their respective initiatives as Barcelona continue to pressure him to leave the club due to an ongoing dispute over postponed salaries and money over the Dutch international.

The Red Devils agreed on a base share of £ 63 million in mid-July but have yet to convince the player himself that Erik ten Hag’s project without the Champions League this season is the right step in his career.

Meanwhile, new owner Todd Boehly is also rumored to be attempting to successfully “hijack” the United deal in hopes that the Champions League factor and life in London will influence the thinking of the No. 21

Chelsea are currently in direct talks with the Blaugrana over Marcos Alonso. The problem has more to do with the deferred salary and who will pay the 17 million pounds that Barcelona were unable to pay despite the summer shopping. De Jong would be more interested in signing with Chelsea than with United.

Chelsea gave a huge boost to Frenkie de Jong's transfer as Man Utd dealt a blow to the Barcelona star

Surprisingly, former Premier League manager Redknapp has revealed that the midfielder prefers Chelsea to any other team if he decides to leave Barcelona this summer. He then added further context by describing his personal knowledge of the agreement.

He told The Byline podcast: “De Jong seems to want to join Chelsea.

He wants to go to Chelsea, of that I’m sure. I have heard from someone at the top of the club that Man United will not be able to acquire him.

“Can’t wait to visit Chelsea. Therefore, if he chooses Chelsea, Man United will not be able to sign him and I am not sure of their future plans. He will be a fantastic addition to Chelsea if they can sign him. “