Trump Econ Cranks continues the unbroken streak of getting every single bloody thing wrong, edition number of jobs!

We’ve heard a lot about the “Big Resignations” lately, with workers quitting their jobs en masse because they’re either fed up with this shit and can’t take it anymore, or they’re spoiled whiners. It all just depends on which side of the asshole you sit on. And while Your Wonkette is not a labor economist, we could humbly present a possible third explanation for the phenomenon. Namely: having lived four years of the most pathetically incompetent people running the country, the impostor syndrome is died.

If Jared Kushner can make a mess literally everything and we continue to receive $ 2 billion from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, we are all more than qualified for our work. And if Sarah Huckabee Sanders can lie to the governor’s palace, then she’ll be fine if you cash in your sick days and head for greener pastures.

There is no better avatar for this than these two idiots.

Respect the commitment to the bit! These guys have never been right once everythingand see how proud they are of themselves!

Larry Kudlow, whose maniacal devotion to the economy tolerates no intrusion from objective reality, served as director of the National Economic Council for the second half of the Trump administration.

“The tax cut barely paid off in the first calendar year,” he sang in 2018 of Trump’s disastrous wealth redistribution, even as federal revenues withered and the deficit widened. Kudlow had been practicing getting it wrong about every single damn thing for decades in the private sector, touting the salutary economic effects of the second Gulf War and touting the idea of ​​a housing bubble. So he was well prepared in February 2020 to reassure the country that COVID was under control: “We’ve contained it, I’m not saying hermetic but close enough to hermetic”.

Of course Kudlow stumbled out of the White House at the Fox News studio for a weekday concert commenting on the economy. And who to chat with better than Kevin Hassett? Hassett, who chaired Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, was routinely dispatched to peddle the craziest bullshit because of his amazing ability to do it while he smiled like a man who just won the lottery.

“Our stock of human capital is ready to go back to work, and so there are many reasons to believe we can go much faster than we did in previous crises,” he enthused in May 2020, when the unemployment rate it was 13.2 percent. Two weeks earlier, he predicted deaths from COVID would “drop precipitously in May – and essentially reset to zero by May 15,” peaking in his previous career with the publication of a book titled Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting from the Coming Rise in the stock market in 1999, about ten minutes before the dotcom bubble burst and the market collapsed.

What we are saying here is that if your entire investment strategy were to bet against everything these doofuses said, you would probably beat the market! And so it’s not exactly surprising that they got it wrong about this morning’s awesome job numbers.

FRIGHTENING! Joe Biden’s economy added 528,000 jobs in July, which is terrible (for Fox News)!

“The consensus on Wall Street is 250.00 non-farm jobs tomorrow, do you have a quick idea?” Kudlow asked his host yesterday, as if there was any doubt that Hassett would have declared that President Joe Biden’s job boom was no such thing.

Speaking from the CPAC, where all serious economists hang out, Hassett pointed to jobless claims, predicting “a number closer to 100[,000]. “

“I think it will surprise a lot on the downside.”

In the event, the number was 528,000 new jobs in July. But it doesn’t matter, because with these idiots the statute of limitations would have been the same for 10 jobs or 10 million.

“So it’s a terrific idea to raise taxes in a recession. It’s just common sense, right?” Kudlow snapped, because making corporations pay taxes is THEFT.

Indeed you Notyou have to respect the hustle and bustle, and you certainly don’t have to respect the cheaters.

In summary and in conclusion, don’t shit! And if these gas pockets can do it, you can too.

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