Mike Lindell says “54 countries have now been taken over by machines”

Speaking at CPAC, the main annual event for American conservatives, pillow tycoon Mike Lindell said that “54 countries have been taken over by the machines” and that “Venezuela and Australia are gone!” [via Raw Story] Everyone thinks he is talking about conspiracy theories of the right-wing electoral machine, as if the world isn’t conquered by Skynet as we speak.

This is very important that you listen to me on this, “Lindell told the CPAC crowd during his speech.” Over 54 countries have now been taken by machines or are being taken by machines! And you won’t be able to go back! “

Lindell then listed some of the countries that had allegedly been overtaken by malicious voting machines.

“Venezuela, Australia, they are gone!” hey they exclaimed. “You can’t vote off the cars once they’re there!”