Joe Biden makes a well deserved victory lap after great numbers of work

President Biden picked up the narrative from the negative corporate media and provided a dose of truth about his economic results.

Video of President Biden:

President Biden said:

What we also see is something that a few years ago, many experts said, was impossible. Relaunch of American manufacturing. Since I took office, we have created 642,000 American manufacturing jobs in America.

We have seen the largest and fastest recovery of American manufacturing jobs since the 1950s and some people may have given up manufacturing, but the American people didn’t, and I never did, which is why I did it to do it in America. The cornerstone of my business plan. Today’s report proves that Make It In America is not just a slogan, it is my administration and a reality. I made it a priority to reduce the federal deficit.

After seeing my predecessor raise the federal deficit for four years, he was in office, I said no more, the days of the federal deficit explosion are over and I have kept my word. Look at the facts, the deficit has fallen by a record $ 1.7 trillion this year. 1.7 trillion is fair. This is in addition to a $ 350 billion deficit reduction during my first year in office.

We have seen progress. Gas prices are falling. Down by nearly $ 1 a gallon from where they were a month ago. We are making progress. We now have more than 50 consecutive days of falling gas prices. The price at the pump is less than $ 3.99 a gallon and more than half of the gas stations in America. $ 3.79 per gallon is the most common price paid at the pump in the country.

Biden counteracts negative media bias

Paul Krugman recently pointed out the negative media bias in coverage of Biden’s economy.

One of the justified criticisms of the President and his administration has been that they have not always been effective in taking credit for their successes.

The media has insisted on hammering out the negative economic news and ignoring the positive ones, but President Biden has the largest overbearing pulpit in the world and the announcement of job creation numbers that have been double what was expected is. the perfect time for the president to remind the country of the good things he has done.