Singapore-based company EVOne is ahead of its time to solve the needs of electric vehicles

In recent years, the government has been very vocal about its stance to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Singapore, with the aim of phasing out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2040.

In the Budget 2020 speech, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat gave the clearest indication of the government’s commitment to electric vehicles. He said the country “is placing significant bets on electric vehicles and pointing politics in that direction because it is the most promising (cleaner vehicle) technology.”

It has allocated S $ 30 million over the next five years to electric vehicle initiatives, such as measures to improve the provision of tariffs at private premises. This is intended to catalyze the partnership between the public and private sectors and comes as Singapore is accelerating the development of its charging infrastructure.

It also pledged to build eight “electric vehicle ready” cities in Singapore by 2025 and aims to install 60,000 charging points by 2030, more than double its initial target of 28,000.

As Singapore steps up its agenda for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, EVOne, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations, will greatly benefit from this change.

An end-to-end electric vehicle supplier

EVOne’s parent group originally focused on vehicle repair and service, but due to Singapore’s changing vehicle landscape, EVOne Charging was founded in 2019.

EVOne is an all-in-one solution provider for electric vehicle charging needs. Our goal is to make the switch to electric vehicles as simple and efficient as possible by providing our customers with high-class customer service and reliable technical support.

– Leonard Tan, manager and co-founder of EVOne

EVOne in charge
Image credit: EVOne in charge

While EVOne started with deploying charging stations and later expanded into the charger management platform software, it further expanded its wings and set up an electric vehicle workshop in late 2019.

Currently, its core business model is both as a distributor / provider of electric vehicle charger solutions, and as a charging point operator (CPO). Their long-term experience in electric vehicle chargers allows them to satisfy customers and manage their own charging stations that all public electric vehicle drivers can use.

According to Leonard, EVOne does not target a specific market segment, but serves anyone who needs an electric vehicle charger.

“We cover a full range of needs and requirements, ranging from private use to commercial / industrial use and corporate fleet. We will provide customized solutions to each of our customers, according to their needs, “he adds.

EVOne is also the only distributor of Hiconics (HiCi) 180kW DC Charger, the fastest TR25 / LNO approved electric vehicle charger in Singapore. With an output of up to 180 kW, it can fully charge an electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes depending on the battery of the electric vehicle.

Becoming a pioneer comes with many challenges

EVOne was launched at a time when EV was still nascent and ICE vehicles were dominating the streets of Singapore.

Many of the early challenges we faced were mostly about customer skepticism and the amount of non-mature EV technologies and standards. This has led many consumers to wonder if the time is right to invest in purchasing an electric vehicle charger and switch to electric vehicles.

As such, our focus at the time was to help educate consumers about their possible choices and provide solutions to many of their infrastructure-related concerns; for example, regarding the upgrades they might need to make their structures EV-proof. This would give consumers more confidence in their choice to switch to electric vehicles.

– Leonard Tan, manager and co-founder of EVOne

Image credit: EVOne in charge

Beyond infrastructure concerns, consumers are also concerned about the cost of upgrading. These issues are what consumers worry about the most, even to this day.

To alleviate these financial problems, EVOne offers different pricing models to its customers. For example, they offer factories the option of not having to pay for the charger and instead share the profits from the charging.

“Additionally, our chargers are competitively priced, with some of the lowest prices and the highest power in kW for DC chargers in Singapore. These solutions have enabled customers to switch to electric vehicles with fewer worries and problems, ”he added.

Customers can use the EVOne mobile app to charge at its public electric vehicle charging stations, mostly located in western and central Singapore. It’s as simple as plugging in the charging cable and scanning a QR code on the charger to begin the charging process.

Payment is also made hassle-free as the charge fee will automatically be deducted from your credit or debit card linked to the app.

EVOne has installed nearly 200 EV chargers in Singapore

In recent months, Leonard said the company has also seen a sharp increase in installation and ordering requests.

In a separate article, it was reported that EVOne has also received multiple requests for proposals from condominium residents over the past year for the installation of electric vehicle chargers.

So far, EVOne has installed nearly 200 EV chargers in Singapore, both AC and DC type for personal and commercial use.

Image credit: EVOne in charge

Some of its major clients include logistics company DHL, 800 Super waste management and recycling company, National University of Singapore, as well as Go-Ahead Singapore and Tower Transit bus operators.

Commenting on the electric vehicle landscape in Singapore, he acknowledged that there has indeed been a greater uptake of electric vehicles, but the speed of growth depends heavily on government support.

“In the near future, EVOne will continue to expand our CPO locations to serve the east side of Singapore and increase the number of CPO locations in the remaining areas we serve. We will also continue to bring more revolutionary, high-powered chargers to market as technology develops, allowing Singaporeans to have a faster, hassle-free charging session.

“Furthermore, we aim to continue participating in large projects and expanding the presence of HiCi chargers in Singapore,” he summarized.

Featured image credit: EVOne Charging / Go-Ahead Singapore