Under Ninja TV Anime Premiere in 2023 – News

The official Twitter account of Kodansha‘S Young Magazine announced Friday that the television anime for Kengo Hanazawa‘S Under Ninja Manga wants to premiere in 2023.

The eighth volume of the manga’s compiled book was also shipped on Friday.

manga editor denpa licensed the manga and will ship the first volume on September 13. denpa describes the manga:

A high school loner gets his life’s part-time job as a modern ninja tasked with carrying out international murders.

After World War II, the Allied command in Japan developed a new agency to help manage terrorism and violence in the Pacific region. The agency was made up of ninjas and initially they were tasked with managing internal affairs. Eventually that program grew to its current form, managing 20,000 ninjas in a range of domestic and international affairs. One of those ninjas appears to be Kudo. The 17-year-old high school loser is now poised to be the next line of defense against a potential wave of foreign assassins invading Tokyo.

NHK World TV imagine nationan English-language program broadcast by the international broadcast service, had stated in March 2020 that the Hanazawa program Under Ninja the manga will begin publishing in the United States, Italy, China and other countries in April 2020.

Hanazawa (I am a hero) launched the manga in Kodansha‘S Young Magazine in July 2018.

Hanazawa launched the I am a hero manga inside Shogakukan‘S Great comic spirits revised in 2009 and ended the series in 2017 with 22 volumes. The manga inspired two spin-off manga series. A live-action film adaptation was released in Japan in April 2016. Dark horse comics is releasing the manga in North America.

sources: Young Magazineit’s Twitter account