1 simple goal for Doug Pederson in 2022

(Photo by James Gilbert / Getty Images)

After two seasons of finishing bottom of the NFL rankings, the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to make a splash.

They’ve made some moves during the off-season and the NFL Draft to get the players they need for this season.

However, they also got former Super Bowl champion Doug Pederson’s coach.

While Jaguars fans want their team to change that, it could be a slow process.

But Pederson has a simple goal to achieve this season with the Jaguars.

If he succeeds in achieving this, things will change for the Jaguars and help them become a winning team.

Pederson just needs to bring stability to the Jaguars franchise

Instability is a hallmark of jaguars, something they need to resolve immediately.

With their new manager, the team hopes to have someone who can last in Jacksonville.

Since 2011, the Jaguars have gone through four main coaches and two interim coaches before hiring Pederson.

Some, like Urban Meyer and Mike Mularkey, only lasted a season with the team.

While some believe that the coaches are just a symptom of the problems in Jacksonville, they are a key component of the franchise.

However, Pederson could be the care the team needs if he can bring stability to the position of head coach.

With Trevor Lawrence heading into his second season in Jacksonville, he will need a coach who is a leader.

He also needs a manager who brings stability, not chaos, to the team.

It’s an important goal that can lay the foundation for a better team for Jaguars fans.

Do you have the tools to bring stability to Jacksonville?

If anyone doubts Pederson’s ability to bring stability to Jacksonville, they should look to the Philadelphia Eagles.

He was the manager they sought stability for after losing the stability they had during Andy Reid’s tenure with the team.

While the Eagles fired Reid after the 2012 season, they saw after the 2015 season that they needed a stable head coach.

That’s why they would hire Pederson for the job in 2016, which earned him a Super Bowl trophy.

Two years after he was hired, he would win the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

Jacksonville is in expert hands with someone who has already brought stability to a franchise.

However, he has to work hard for it, as Meyer’s misdeeds have destroyed the reputation of the Jaguars franchise.

Rebuilding trust comes next with Pederson

It can be difficult for players to trust the Jaguars franchise after what Meyer did to players there.

This means that Pederson has the difficult task of rebuilding that trust between the players and their manager.

However, trust is something the new Jaguars head coach takes seriously.

For this reason, he is in an influential position in rebuilding the lost trust between players and manager.

But it won’t be easy for him, as there is a lot of work to be done with the franchise.

Even if the job is not easy, he will not avoid the task he has been assigned.

This first year with Jacksonville will be the biggest test of his coaching career as he repairs the battered franchise.