How Exercise Can Bring Happiness Into Your Life Instantly

These are simple events in your life that can make you happy right away. You are motivated to take action if there is immediate reward such as giving time to clean your house so you can host a dinner to spend time with loved ones or make efforts to dress up so that you have an evening date at your favorite restaurant with your husband .

Exercise can also give your body, mind, and soul instant, long-term rewards. You will be amazed at what movement can do to bring happiness to your day. You just have to start with just 10 minutes of your day to get moving so you can experience a whole new way to embrace happiness.

Don’t worry too much about the pain you can feel using your muscles. Think positive and be open to change. As long as you do everything gradually, safely, and moderately, you will experience the following:

Knowing that you are doing something good for yourself

Giving yourself some love while spending part of the day on the go can make you feel good. Even a short 10-15 minute workout can remind yourself of your commitment to better health and an active lifestyle.

How to create your “me time” exercise

  • Plan your best time for movement. You can engage in any form of physical activity for as little as 10 minutes initially, which can progress to a longer duration and eventually become a lifelong habit.
  • Accept that your body will adapt and may feel slight discomfort depending on your level of exertion. Don’t think about vigorous formal workouts for now. I highly recommend brisk walking as a good start or online walking workouts that you can find online for free. Complement your cardio workouts with basic resistance training (ù-efficace-che-puoi-fare-in-10-minuti/).

Feel the effect of happiness hormones as you release stress

Numerous studies on exercise and happiness show the effects of happiness hormones in managing stress, anxiety and depression. Using your energy to punch, jump, kick, push, lift, pull, dance, or run can give you incredible release. Now I am committed to doing 2-3 short outdoor runs a week to relieve stress after a full day of work: the feeling of happiness during and after the run is always indescribable!

How to relieve stress during training

  • Do exercises that match your personality. Do yoga for Pilates if you want a more mindful type of exercise. If you want intense workouts, explore boxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT) or running, circuit training.
  • Listen to your favorite music while you work out. A 2019 study published in Psychological Bulletin ( shows that music can contribute to one’s positive emotions and physical performance.
  • Choose a trainer who can encourage you to push and express yourself by giving your all during a workout.
  • Feel how your body moves as you breathe and how you release negative energy from within.

Discovering your strengths and your physical potential

Exercise can improve your confidence, regardless of the size and shape of your body. You don’t have to wait months to see progress. Small improvements like doing more reps of push-ups can now make you happy and motivate you to stay true to your new lifestyle. Accept your weaknesses. Keep in mind that happiness comes when you start seeing changes.

How to recognize your strengths

  • Always remember how you started (your basic fitness level) and what improvements you are experiencing right now: how you can breathe easily while moving, how you can do a full-range squat, or how you can run faster.
  • Be motivated by your strengths (endurance, strength, balance, coordination, central control, and flexibility) and feel how your body responds to your current exercise program. See if your unique body ( responds more to exercise based on strength or endurance, or a balanced mix of both.
  • Visualize your potential by considering other aspects of your exercise that can still be achieved if you stay consistent in your habits.

Build your mental strength

Exercise can help you clear your mind of worries and negativity so that you can focus on the most important things in your life like health, relationships, spirituality, and productivity. The discipline and resilience (the ability to cope and recover from life’s tough challenges) that you can gain from exercising can create positive feelings, knowing that you have more control over your life.

How to improve mental strength through exercise

  • Try to organize your thoughts and be more creative in solving problems especially when you are training alone.
  • Always remind yourself of your health goals while exercising, so your control over eating is stronger right after your workout.
  • Change your perspective and embrace positivity so that you can effectively address your problems and move on with your life.

Share your feelings with others through movement

Exercise is a fun way to connect with others because you enjoy doing the things you really love. You can share something about yourself, your strengths and emotions through movement.

How to express yourself through exercise with others

Get the right amount of challenge that can match your skills

Successfully passing a challenge and taking it to the next level can make you happy. Exercise can color your life by stimulating your senses as you conquer a load or task that is right for your current strengths and abilities you have. So you will be more motivated to improve and excel so you can win the next challenge.

How to get a good exercise challenge

  • Light and easy exercises may bore you, but extremely intense workouts could shock your body. Choose physical activities that can match your fitness level and exercise preferences.
  • Explore other types of training every now and then that can pique your interest and motivation. Sometimes I joined various classes from other instructors to challenge my strength and endurance.
  • Challenge yourself to be fitter, regardless of age, gender, and past exercise experience. Set realistic goals for yourself and do your best to accomplish the tasks so that you can get the results you want.

Appreciate your freedom of movement so you can live life to the fullest

Realizing that you have the freedom, time, energy and means to improve your health can bring you happiness. You can enjoy life with movement more by fully experiencing that you have the physical capabilities for something good for your health and well-being so that you can pursue your passion and purpose in life.

How to fully appreciate your freedom of movement

  • Replace 30 to 60 minutes of your sedentary time (lying down doing nothing or eating out of boredom) with something productive and active like exercise.
  • Take a journal and write down your thoughts on the benefits you can get from exercise (better mood, sharper mind, fitter body, better health, and healthier mindset) versus what you can get from just being on the couch.
  • Be aware of your body when exercising: the way you move, how you breathe, how much you sweat and how you fully activate your muscles. You can feel joy simply by appreciating your opportunity to move and breathe because this can really make you feel so alive.

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