“You are a black man approaching a white woman”

Former Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens was in a dire situation this week. The Pro Football Hall of Fame was driving through a neighborhood when he allegedly avoided having an accident with a cyclist.

Owens got out of his vehicle and approached the woman on a bicycle, who lived nearby. He had a verbal altercation with her before the police arrived on the scene. He claimed that the former wide receiver made a stop sign, to which he replied that there wasn’t one. He then stated:

“I asked him to slow down, but he got out of the car and started harassing me. He parked his car.”

Owens replied:

“Right, why don’t you yell at me and tell me I almost hit you when I didn’t.”

The woman replied despicable:

“But you didn’t have to get out of your fucking car. You’re a black man approaching a white woman.”

Owens replied that she had no reason to feel threatened by him exiting her vehicle when her husband was next to her. He then claimed that he had stopped her vehicle and went out to approach her.

The Hall of Famer then proceeded to call her “Karen,” slang for white women who are entitled, cause trouble and are racist, and went on to declare her innocence to police officers.

He continued to complain as Owens handed over his ID card to agents at the scene. Owens then turned the camera towards the woman on her bicycle before turning her around and saying:

“This is unbelievable. I swear to God. I’ve never been a part of something like this. I’ve seen it but it’s firsthand. This is real life in 2022. Real life Karen.”

The woman comes to the rescue of Terrell Owens in front of the police.

Terrell Owens claimed that the woman’s husband had told her to come into the house, but she pulled out her camera, prompting the former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver to do the same. The woman, who was crying hysterically, claimed that Owens was running through the neighborhood. Just as she stated this, another woman, who was not visible in the video, said:

“It wasn’t. I was in the garage. You’re lying. I was sitting in the garage.”

Owens mocked him as the other woman defended him and then said:

“This is real. This is real life in 2022. This is Karen’s stuff in real life.”

Watch the video below:

I’m so glad Terrell Owens got out of this Karen situation unscathed. “You are a black man approaching a white woman!” 🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/3vRnOyN8iS

A terrible accident.

Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar