Shakey’s Pizza’s delicious spinach rotation

Shakey’s Pizza brings a fresh, creamy and savory twist to spinach pizza as it launches its selection of spinach pizza with three delicious flavors and spinach rolls.

While various types of spinach pizza have already entered the market, Shakey’s believes their selection of spinach pizza and spinach rolls are something worth trying.

Made with fresh spinach, stuffed with premium toppings and layered with just the right amount of mouthwatering creaminess, Shakey’s spinach pizzas are sure to delight their guests.

But what takes the pizza experience to a whole new level is that their spinach pizzas come with bacon, shrimp, and mushrooms. The sweet and glazed bacon, the tasty prawns and the delicate flavor of the mushrooms perfectly complement the taste of the spinach, making them an instant favorite.

“We are confident that our new selection of spinach pizza and spinach rolls will certainly leave a lasting impression and bring fun and satisfaction to both our guests and spinach lovers,” said Vicente Gregorio, President and CEO of Shakey. .

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“Shakey’s is dedicated to creating good times and good memories for our guests. As such, we will continue to adapt and innovate in order to enhance the Shakey experience, bringing joy to every slice and delivering great value to all of our guests. “, Shakey’s General Manager Jorge Concepcion Added.