Josh McDaniels is facing a life of expectation in 2022

(Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

This NFL season, the Las Vegas Raiders have made moves to help the franchise reach the playoffs once again.

However, those moves now put pressure on new manager Josh McDaniels.

Raiders taking Ahead Adams, while retaining Hunter Renfrow, means the team has a two punch on the wide catcher.

But they also have Derek Carr and Josh Jacobs up front, two other important pieces for the team this season.

With these four players, the Raiders’ attack is set for a great season.

This is one of the reasons McDaniels is facing a lifetime of expectations this season.

The Raiders are giving McDaniels a team ready for the playoffs

The Raiders reached the playoffs last season with Carr, Renfrow and Jacobs up front.

With the addition of Adams to an attack that had nearly 5,000 yards pass last season, they are quick favorites to reach the playoffs again.

However, it is up to McDaniels to lead this playoff-ready team to the destination the property wants it to be.

He has the best attacking team, with Carr and Adams joining once again after nearly a decade.

Their performance at Fresno State is what made them high-value players entering the NFL.

Having them back on the same team gives McDaniels a great offensive pair.

But that’s also what sets him high expectations for this season.

People saw what both players did at Fresno State and what Adams did at Green Bay.

However, it is up to the new Raiders coach to make sure the old magic between the two leaks onto the pitch this season.

Coming from New England also puts pressure on McDaniels

When you come from Bill Belichick’s coaching tree, there is a lot of pressure immediately applied when you take on a head coach job.

However, it’s never that easy to win instantly when you’re with a new team.

But expectations are always high with Belichick’s coaches because of all the Super Bowl he has won in New England.

So teams expect the same success with their team when they get any coach that is part of their coaching tree.

Very few coaches from the time of Belichick’s reign in New England were successful.

The only coach who has achieved the most success after leaving him is Brian Flores.

So McDaniels has a lot to do as an offensive coordinator who has helped lead Tom Brady and the Patriots to many Super Bowl championships.

Will he finally be able to prove that he is a good coach in Las Vegas?

McDaniel’s first run as head coach with the Denver Broncos didn’t go well for him.

However, he has an excellent quarterback and even better offensive weapons in Las Vegas than in Denver.

But it’s about proposing a clean offensive plan for each match.

If he can bring success from New England here, and without the downsides that followed him in his career, he can now prove himself to be a better coach.

As his past misdeeds haunt him, he has the best team to test him and carry a heavy weight on his shoulders for 2022.