The Kid Mero says he and Desus going their separate ways was a “strategy”

Bodega’s hive is still teetering New for July that Desus and Mero would undertake initiatives on their own. In an interview on Basic! Podcast with Doug Herzog and Jen Chaney, Mero talked about her breakup with Desus, which was apparently a long time coming, and gave some clues as to what’s on the horizon.

“Desus and I had discussed pursuing separate interests more than a year before the show ended and that conversation strengthened us in signing general agreements that recognized our intention to operate independently of each other,” said Mero. for Variety. “As early as June last year we were both launching or trying to join existing projects as individuals.”

Mero stressed that the pair would continue to support each other and hinted that they would pursue more writing and screen opportunities. She also said she hopes late night TV will continue to diversify its hosts and offer opportunities to a wider range of people in front of the camera, based on the success they’ve had in their four seasons on Showtime.

“If you’ve got something that’s buried in the base cable and it’s still getting stares, still getting rave reviews from critics, still changing the paradigm of what late night is … that speaks a lot about the impact you have as a creator,” he said Mero. “Talk a lot about this is a good product, you can get a black man, a black woman, an Asian man, an Asian woman, you name it, a gay man, a gay woman. People who aren’t just another white guy, to host and lead these conversations. “

Desus and Mero worked together on a number of projects in the 2010s, from their hugely popular Bodega Boys podcast to their Desus & Mero Showtime to voice roles Neo Yokio. More recently, they have been seen as talking heads on ESPN Captain docuseries about Derek Jeter. Rumors of friction have been boiling for months, in part because the duo hadn’t released an episode of Bodega Boys since November 2021.

According to Mero, this was at least partly intentional. “It was a strategy that we all agreed on,” Mero said, using a vintage 90s New York Knicks metaphor to explain their decision. “At the end of the day, things turn out and when things calm down you have to acknowledge that they are relaxing and not supermax Patrick Ewing when he has two baby mattresses around his knees and you know his career is coming to a close.”

But the division might be a little more complicated than that. Base of Mero! The interview comes in the wake of a Puck story reporting the role of manager Victor Lopez in the breakup. For Puck, Lopez, a producer on Desus & Mero, he was accused of aggressive and rude behavior, to the point that Showtime wanted him to stop attending tapes and meetings, which Desus apparently claimed, but Mero did not. Apparently Mero also found a new representation in February 2022, while Desus earned himself a place as a guest guest of Jimmy Kimmel Live! during the summer. As for the statements, Desus did not speak to anyone about the division, but on July 19, when the news was initially released, he tweeted, “Shout at showtime and shout at the hive, thank you for being part of the journey. proud of the show my staff made in each episode. Great things are coming ”.