Adelaide Crows players could take legal action in the 2018 preseason pitch

Adelaide Crows players could potentially explore the option of class action following the explosive reports made by club legend Eddie Betts.

According to attorney Greg Griffin, the club’s controversial pre-season pitch in 2018 left a “keen interest” in the litigation by some of the players involved.

“The past few days have not diminished the interest of a number of players,” Griffin told The Age of pursuing legal action.

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“I have talked to a number of players in the past 24 hours. I think the publication of Eddie’s book intensified the feelings that the players who attended the camp had.”

Betts addressed the field in his autobiography, The boy from Boomerang Crescentwho was released on Wednesday, saying it made him feel “like a piece of me has been brainwashed.”

Betts speaks after explosive statements

The AFL indigenous icon touched on a disturbing initiation exercise that he said saw camp instructors hurl verbal insults at him as he attempted to free himself from a harness using a nearby knife.

Despite the claims, the AFL said earlier this week that it would not reopen the investigation into the incident.

A SafeWork SA investigation in 2021 cleared the club of violating health and safety laws, while an AFL investigation in 2018 found that the Crows had not violated any rules.

On Wednesday, Adelaide chief executive Tim Silvers apologized, on behalf of the club, to Betts and all the other players who went through an unpleasant experience.

“Anyone who leaves our club without having a positive experience, we are sorry,” he told reporters.

“I think we can move on, but we’d like to apologize to Eddie and anyone else who had a bad experience on the pitch.”

Betts said he felt remorse for the players left at the club.

The ravens apologize to Betts after the explosive claims

“You are in an organization where you want to play football, you love your teammates, you care about your teammates and you don’t want to ruin the place,” he said.

“Every time the pitch was raised it felt like the place was collapsing. Part of me feels bad about doing it because my mates and friends are at Adelaide Football Club right now and have to deal with this being out there again. .

“But (the message) for me to tell them is that this is the truth that is coming out and you can finally go ahead and figure out what happened.”

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